Nuheara IQ Stream TV – Audio Streamer


Hear tv better with the Nuheara IQStream. IQstream TV gives you control of your own volume levels, allowing others with you to watch tv at comfortable levels. Stream High fidelity sound direct to your IQbuds² MAX or IQbuds BOOST for an immersive audio experience like no other.

Brand: Nuheara

Includes: Nuheara IQStream



IQstream is a new way to tune in to the TV. A quiet conversation, the crescendo of battle, the magic of the melody; experience the sound of the TV in a way that’s uniquely you.

Enjoy a clear, personalized TV experience in the company of loved ones – without extreme volume levels. The IQStream TV will sync TV audio wirelessly with your IQ Buds Boost*, streaming high-fidelity stereo sound and eliminating lip-sync delay.


IQstream will connect to any external audio device for others to enjoy TV viewing with you, at comfortable volume levels.

With dual antennas and compact size, place IQstream TV anywhere in your living room for great audio quality. Line of sight is a thing of the past.

Key Features:

  • Listen to TV at your volume level without interrupting others
  • Low latency protocols eliminating lip-sync problem
  • aptX codecs deliver a crystal clear high fidelity audio experience
  • Plug & play operation
  • Compatible with soundbars & existing audio systems
  • 3.5mm analogue output & input option
  • Set up IQstream in multiple rooms for personalized audio throughout the house

*IQ Buds Boost required to receive audio.

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