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Now that the chilly months are approaching, you are probably looking forward to cosy evenings at home and quality time spent with loved ones. One thing you might be a bit less excited about, however, is your hearing aid batteries losing power due to the cold temperatures.

Like most electronic devices, hearing aids are susceptible to extreme temperatures. Cold weather makes their batteries lose capacity, and as a result they may die significantly quicker, or even stop working altogether. This is when a trusty charging case comes in handy: one that can both power your aids quickly and is convenient to use on-the-go.

To help you discover the device that suits you best and ensure you’re prepared for the colder months, we’ve prepared a list of our top charging products. Enjoy!

GN ReSound ONE Premium Charger Case

Suitable for all GN ReSound hearing aids, this top-of-the-range device takes only 3 hours to fully charge your aids. What is more, it includes an internal charger which lets you carry it with you wherever you go! This nifty gadget provides you with various benefits that make the process as easy and simple as possible. Its hearing aid bays are colour-marked (blue for left and red for right) to help you determine which hearing aid goes in each slot with ease. For further convenience, the device features built-in LED lights that indicate your hearing aids’ current charging level!

GN Resound Premium Charger front view on white background

Widex mRIC Charge N Clean Charger

Widex mRIC Charge N Clean Background Removed

Perfect for your Widex Moment hearing aids, this fantastic device not only charges, but it also cleans and dries your devices. Thanks to its built-in UV-C LED treatment, it removes up to 99.9% of all bacteria, yeast, and viruses! Light and compact, it is ideal for travel, and a quick 30-minute charge provides 4 hours of hearing aid use. What is more, this marvellous device features a temperature stabilization function while charging that helps achieve optimal battery performance. Ideal for chilly days!

Phonak Charge and Care Case

In the span of just two hours, this amazing gadget not only charges your Phonak Audéo hearing aids (achieving a 30% charge in just 30 minutes), but also provides them with fully comprehensive care during the process! The Phonak Charge and Care Case uses UV light treatment and an electronic drying function to protect your devices from dirt and bacteria. In addition to being compact and easily portable, it also features a sleek design to complement your personal style. What more could you wish for?

Phonak Charge and Care Case

Signia Styletto Connect Charger Case


Created specifically for the Signia Styletto Connect hearing aid range, this tiny, yet mighty powerful device is perfect for on-the-go charging, whether you are at work or travelling. Discreet, ultra-compact and charmingly stylish, it delivers up to a full day’s charge, even with 5 hours of audio streaming! What is more, it features a special lid which expertly protects your hearing devices from dust and debris. Simply perfect!

Oticon Smart Charger

Optimal convenience and on-the-go functionality define this small, but efficient gadget that was specifically designed for Oticon More, NHS Oticon Zicron, and NHS Oticon Play PX hearing aids. Enjoy a full day of power after 3 hours of charging, or alternatively, give your hearing aids a power boost with a 30-minute charge which provides an additional six hours of use! Equipped with a protective lid and built-in power back, the Oticon Smart Charger was simply built for travel. What is more, its drying function automatically removes any moisture build-up from your hearing devices to keep them working at their optimal ability throughout the entire day.

oticon smart charger

Starkey Mini Turbo Charger

Starkey mini turbo charger on white background

Looking for an on-the-go, ultrafast charging solution for Livio and Livio AI hearing devices? Then you need the Starkey Mini Turbo Charger! It can power a flat battery to 20% in only 7 minutes, equivalent to around 3.5 hours of hearing aid use – quite impressive, right? There is no doubt: this is THE charging product for busy hearing aid users who love to be out and about and often need an extra boost.

Regardless of which device you end up choosing, one thing is sure: a good charging product has the power to completely transform your day-to-day life as a hearing aid user. Interested in seeing more? Why not have a look at the rest of our robust range? Click here to browse!

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