Bernafon Remote Control RC-A


This nifty gadget is the perfect wireless partner to assist Bernafon wireless hearings aid users. Helps the user to fully adjust their hearing aid volume and change between programmes easily.

Roughly the size of a modern car key, this small device gives you discreet and easy control over your Bernafon hearing aids. Adjust volume, switch between programs, or simply turn off your hearing aids at the push of a button. 

Brand: Bernafon

Includes: 1x Bernafon Remote Control RC-A, 2x AAAA Batteries, 1x User Manual

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This Bernafon Remote Control RC-A gives you full control over the features of your Bernafon wireless hearing aids. The simple buttons allow you to adjust volume and switch between programmes with ease.

How to use:

The Bernafon Remote Control RC-A can either take control of one hearing aid or two, dependant on your preference. Indeed, if you have chosen to pair two hearing aids to the remote control, both of those aids will be adjusted at the same time when choosing your function.

Furthermore, operation can be completed within 1.2 meters of the hearing aids to the remote control, and a direct line of sight between the 2 devices is not required to keep the connection strong.

What’s more, a light and sound indicator are shown when you press a control button to confirm command you have chosen. Unsure of when the battery is low? Courtesy of the in-built rapid light indicator, you need not worry: the high flashes will show you when the batteries need changing. The Bernafon Remote Control RC-A requires x2 AAAA batteries.

Functions available to control:

  • Volume up
  • Volume down
  • Mute/Turn off
  • Programme Change

Pairing with your hearing aids:

Thankfully, pairing could not be easier with the Bernafon Remote Control RC-A. Once the 2 step pairing preparation has been completed, you can simply place the wireless hearing aids within 20 centimetres of the remote control. Then, briefly press any button on the remote control and a green indicator light will show for 10 seconds to indicate that pairing is complete.


This device is compatible with  Alpha XT, Alpha, Viron, Leox and Zerena hearing aids.. However, if you are unsure about your device’s compatibility then please get in touch with our dedicated support staff.

Key Features:

  • Discreet size, roughly the size of a modern car key
  • Sleek Design
  • Lightweight
  • Large Tactile Buttons
  • Light & Sound Indicators
  • Universal Strap Hole

What’s included?

  • 1x Bernafon Remote Control RC-A
  • 2x AAAA Batteries
  • 1x User Manual

Product Specifications:

75.3 x 35 x 12 mm. Weight 32.7g (including batteries)

Suggested Product:

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Additional information

Weight149 g
Dimensions13 × 13 × 13 cm


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