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Help maintain ear wax and extend the life of your hearing aids with the ProWac filters. Suitable for the following hearing aids: Alta, Nera and Ria (ITE, ITC, CIC, MiniFit Lite, Micro Moulds & Power Flex Moulds).

Brand: Oticon

Includes: x6 wax filters and a disc tool to help remove the used filters.


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The Oticon ProWax has a fine filter and has the benefit of being nano coated to help repel moisture. The ProWax is a shallower version of the NoWax previously used a lot with Oticon and Bernafon hearing aids.

Compatible Hearing Aids:

Oticon ProWax is used across the Inium range of hearing aids, Alta, Nera and Ria (ITE, ITC, CIC, MiniFit Lite, Micro Moulds & Power Flex Moulds).

Not compatible with MiniFit Receiver wires (60, 85, 100) such as Oticon Opn, Alta, Nera and Ria RITE and miniRITE. These would use Pro Wax Minifit. Click HERE to be directed to the ProWax MiniFit Filters.

About wax protection systems:

Your ear canal produces earwax which may clog up the earpiece. Earwax is one of the main causes of problems in hearing aids. Most hearing aids come with a filter or other device to stop wax getting into the hearing aids.

Use the wax protection system and tools to clean away any accumulated wax each day. Consult your hearing care professional about the specific wax protection system in your hearing aids and how it can be replaced.

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How to change my Oticon Wax Guard?

For explained, visual instructions on how to change your wax guard with this wax trap please watch the video below –

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Dimensions20 × 2.5 × 15 cm

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