Phonak TVLink II Base Station

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The Phonak TVLink II is the ultimate device for improving your TV listening experience. Choose the Phonak TVLink II to expand the way you hear the world by wirelessly connecting your hearing aids to your TV and other entertainment devices.

The Phonak TVLink II requires the use of a streamer, either the ComPilot, ComPilot II or ComPilot Air II and serves as a charging station for them.

Brand : Phonak

This product Includes : 1 x TV Link II 1 x UK power supply 1 x 3.5mm plug to plug audio cable 1 x 3.5mm plug to phono plug cable 1 x Digital optical (TOSLink) cable 1 x Digital coaxial cable 1 x Screwdriver 1 x User Guide

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The Phonak TVLink II allows you to stream TV audio in stereo to your hearing aids whilst wearing a ComPilot streamer (Purchase Here). A main and audio indicator light make the process of pairing your streamer to the TVLink II simple and you can pair up to 4 streaming devices.

Once paired, the streaming transmission range between TVLink II and streamer is up to 30 metres(100ft)!

Phonak recommend the use of the Optical or Coaxial connection for best results. Normally, the connection of one audio cable is enough however if more than one audio cable is connected and a signal is present, the TVLink II automatically selects the best possible input.

Charging Function

The TVLink II base station serves as a charging dock for your chosen Phonak streamer. Simply place the streamer into the dock and it will fully charge in under 3 hours.

It can safely be left overnight in the TVLink II dock. Please note that the TVLink II is generally delivered with the charging slot for the Phonak ComPilot Air II clip-on streamer unless it is bought in a set. If you are intending to use it with the ComPilot or ComPilot II you can change the slot using a screwdriver – instructions will be in the user guide.

Note – if you have “open-fit” hearing aids, to avoid a slight echo when using the TVLink II, your hearing aids should be programmed to attenuate the hearing aid microphone automatically when the ComPilot is in Bluetooth mode. Please discuss any necessary adjustments to your hearing aid programming with your audiologist.




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