SPECIAL OFFER: Earol Olive Oil Spray – 2 10ml bottles for £12

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Earol Olive Oil Spray softens your ear wax for natural removal. Helping to prevent dryness of the skin in the ear canal reducing itching and irritation. Reducing the need for ear syringing, also assisting syringing when needed.

Brand : Earol

Includes: 2 x 10ml bottles of Earol Olive Oil Spray & Users Manual

Please allow an additional 3 - 5 working days for delivery


The unique and simple spray system helps delivering a discrete dose reducing over application and spillage. Earol can be used for adults and for children of 1 years and above.

When frequently used your ear wax is softened and maintained to allow for natural removal. Keeping your ears clean and healthy.

Earol is clinically proven to prevent dry skin thus reducing/soothing itchy and irritated skin.

  • Simple & Effective
  • Softens & naturally removes ear wax
  • Reduces the need for syringing
  • Helps prevent & soothe itchy ears

2 reviews for SPECIAL OFFER: Earol Olive Oil Spray – 2 10ml bottles for £12

  1. Philip (verified owner)

    Hopefully this will help slow down ear wax buildup! Definitely moistens the ear drum canal

  2. Chris Goodley (verified owner)

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