GN ReSound Simple Remote Control

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The GN ReSound Simply Remote Control is a user friendly and easy-to-use remote control for your GN ReSound wireless hearing aids. Perfectly pocket-sized and with a large button, you can use it to alter the volume and programs hassle-free.

Brand: GN ReSound

Includes: 1 x ReSound Simple Remote Control, x1 CR2032 Battery Cell, x1 User Guide

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When it comes to taking control of your hearing aids, the simplest of items can support you. With this GN ReSound Simple remote control, you can easily make changes to your hearing aid volume and programmes. It features a lockable setting to allow for less accidental volume changes when in a bag or pocket.

This reliable and easy-to-use remote control is small enough to carry around like a normal key ring, and powerful enough to control all of your essential hearing aid functions. With the wrist strap included, you can keep your remote safe and with you at all times.

No need to worry about charging your remote control overnight, as the Simple Remote control is powered by a chargeable battery (included). This battery is easily changed when required with the removable back compartment.

How to use:

With an easy to pair step-by-step guide, you only need to pair with your hearing aids once. Once paired the remote will automatically be saved and remembered by your hearing aid each time they’re turned on.


The Simple Remote Control is compatible with ALL GN ReSound Wireless Hearing Aids. Also compatible with selected Danalogic hearing aids. If you would like our experts to check your hearing aid compatibility please feel free to get in touch.

Key Features:

  • Light indicator confirming your chosen command
  • Volume up
  • Volume down
  • Reset to default programme
  • Button Lock Feature
  • 3 meter operating range
  • Handy LED colour indicator light to help you see when controls are activated.

What’s in the box?

  • 1 x ReSound Simple Remote Control
  • x1 CR2032 Battery Cell
  • x1 User Guide

Product Specifications:

Dimension: 72mm x 34mm x 13mm

Weight: approx. 20g with battery

Colour: Dark Grey

Additional information

Weight138 g
Dimensions13 × 13 × 13 cm


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