Puretone Tubing Extractor and Threader

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Handle double device used to extract and insert tubing on molds.

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the Tubing Extractor and Threader has a drill bit on one side to help to remove existing earmould. It also has a tubing extractor and a threading loop on the other to help insert new pre-bent tubing.

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Weight15 g
Dimensions15 × 2.5 × 20 cm

3 reviews for Puretone Tubing Extractor and Threader

  1. Patrick Weatherall (verified owner)

  2. Doreen Cleary (verified owner)

    Useful for changing tubing if it has become hard with too long wear

  3. Diane (verified owner)

    Instructions would have been helpful. It wasn’t clear how to use the threader and I couldn’t get it to thread easily through tubing.

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