Hearing aid retention cord and clip

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A plain blue hearing aid cord and clip for preventing hearing aid loss, with separate strings for each hearing aid.

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A Hearing aid retention cord and clip is Great for adults with dementia/memory loss and young children who are prone to losing their hearing aids!

1 review for Hearing aid retention cord and clip

  1. LINDY (verified owner)

    This is a really great product and delivery was pretty speedy.
    My Dad has vascular dementia and kept taking his hearing aids out, putting them down and then they simply couldn’t be found. An expensive ‘hobby’.

    This little gadget seems to be working well at the moment.
    The ends are clipped to the hearing aids, the middle clip is clipped to the back of Dad’s collar.
    Dad is fine with it as it causes no discomfort and he forgets it’s even there.
    Thank you!

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