Puretone 5 in 1 Cleaner with Battery Tester

£10.00 exc VAT

5in1 hearing aid cleaning kit that is lightweight and portable, suitable for all styles of hearing aids.

Brand : Puretone

This item includes :
1 x Digital Battery Tester and Holder
1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x Wire Wax-Loop
1 x Battery Door Opener
1 x Magnet for Removing and Inserting Battery
1 x Vent and Tube Cleaner

Product Dimensions :
Length = 82mm
Width = 42mm
Height = 18mm (when folded)


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this 5 in 1 Cleaner with Battery Tester Contains the 5 essential tools for quick and easy hearing system maintenance and cleaning, as well as a digital battery tester.

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