Alpine Music Safe Earplugs

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Alpine music safe ear plugs have been designed for musicians, singers or concert goers to continue to enjoy their passion for music and protect their hearing at the same time without affecting what they are listening to.

Brand : Alpine

This product Includes : 2 x Alpine Music Safe Ear Plugs 2 x Interchangeable Filters Medium and High 1 x Travel Case

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Alpine music safe ear plugs come with the AlpineAcousticFilter™ that attenuate harmful peak noises but still allow the sound of the music to be unaffected and the conversation with fellow band members or friends to still be audible.

These ear plugs come with two different interchangeable filters a medium and high filter also known as silver and gold filter. Having the choice of two filters means you can choose your own level depending of the environment you are in. Some musicians require a higher level of filter compared to others.

The two interchangeable filters included are :

  • Medium/Silver filter average attenuation (SNR) 19dB
  • High/Gold filter average attenuation (SNR) 22dB


The Music Safe ear plugs are made from a flexible material that naturally mould to the shape of your ear canals when worn due to the natural warmth of the ear canal.

Hypoallergenic Materials

The Alpinethermoshape™ material is hypo – allergenic making them more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time. They are easy to insert and remove. The Alpine music safe ear plugs have been tested in accordance with European regulations to provide an average acoustic attenuation of up to 22dB.

The music plugs are reusable. To prolong the life of the music plugs regular cleaning is advised by using the Alpine cleaning spray or using warm water and soap.

The Alpine Music Plugs come with a travel case to keep them in when not being worn.


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