Eargene Ear Lotion


The Ear Lotion by Eargene is for the relief of itchy ears. The lotion can immediately soothe and refresh the delicate skin of your ear and canal providing the safe alternative to itching away with a cotton bud or similar.

Brand : Eargene

This product Includes : 1 x Eargene Ear Lotion (15ml)

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Many people suffer with itchy ears and it can be incredibly irritating. It is not recommended to use cotton buds to itch your ears or canals as this can cause physical trauma (hence more irritation!) and you can potentially perforate your eardrum.

Cue Eargene Ear Lotion; the safe and effective formula cleanses and soothes your tender and irritated skin allowing you to get on with your day itch free.

Suitable for Hearing Aid Users

The lotion helps soften calcified tissue in dry cracks in the skin, while also helping to rebuild very top layer of skin. Mess free – easily absorbed into the skin so there is no greasy feel. Ideal for use by those with in-ear-hearing aids or behind-the-ear hearing aids with moulds which can cause soreness or dryness in the entrance to the ear canal.

Active ingredients: Compound Myrcia Spirit, Glycerol, Alcohol 17%

If the foil seal on the rim of the bottle is open or broken on receipt, please do not use product.

Supplied in a 15ml bottle

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