6-in-1 Hearing Aid Care Kit with Battery Tester


This hearing aid care kit includes 6 tools for fast and effective daily cleaning. Includes a cleaning brushwire wax-looptube & vent cleanerbattery door opener, battery replacement magnet and a digital battery tester. All in which comes in a handy flip case with a battery storage compartment.

The care kit that is lightweight and portable, suitable for all styles of hearing aids.



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This handy tool kit is a great addition to your hearing aid maintenance regime. A lightweight case which is easy to open and close helps keep your tools safe. By simply pushing a button on the bottom you can use your desired tool with ease as it rests on the base of the kit. You can simply return each tool back to its original slot inside the kit when finished.

Included in the 6-in-1 Hearing Aid Care Kit with Battery Tester:

  1. Digital Battery Tester and Holder
  2. Cleaning Brush
  3. Wire Wax-Loop
  4. Battery Door Opener
  5. Magnet for Removing and Inserting Battery
  6. Vent and Tube Cleaner


Product Dimensions: 85 mm Length, 42 mm Width, 18 mm Depth (when closed)

Product Weight approx. 30g

Additional information

Weight40 g
Dimensions15 × 2.5 × 20 cm