C&C Hearing Aid Cleaning & Maintenance Kit 2

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A stylish zip bag containing the accessories and tools you need for regular hearing aid cleaning and maintenance, a fantastic way to improve your device’s life and performance.

Kit 2 is most commonly used for both ITE (In the Ear) and BTE (Behind the Ear) Slim/Microtube Hearing Aids.

Brand: Phonak

Contains 18 pieces, including: 1 x Hygiene bag/case, 1 x Drying Cup, 2 x Drying capsules, 1 x Tool set, including a brush, 10 x Individual cleansing wipes, 1 x Cleansing Spray, 18ml, 1 x Microfiber Cloth, 1 x Manual


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This Phonak ‘Cleansing & Care Line’ hearing aid care kit is for use with hearing aids with a standard tube and ear mould.

A great product to have either home or away and a perfect gift for a loved one, this extensive cleaning kit is designed to help the maximise life span of your hearing aids by keeping them clean and sanitized.

It is particularly helpful in reducing the build up of harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses; preventing eczema and ear infection; and in maintaining well-functioning hearing instruments.

Included in your Kit 2:

  • 1 x Hygiene bag/case
  • 1 x Drying Cup
  • 2 x Drying capsules
  • 1 x Tool set, including a brush
  • 10 x Individual cleansing wipes
  • 1 x Cleansing Spray, 18ml
  • 1 x Microfiber Cloth
  • 1 x Manual

Product Dimensions:

Carry Case: 160 mm x 115 mm x 85 mm

Additional information

Weight325 g
Dimensions18 × 13 × 13 cm

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