Widex Moment Charger for Moment mRIC Hearing Aids

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This pocket size charger will have your hearing aids ready to go after just a 30-minute charge. The charger is compact and portable, making it a perfect spare charger for use in the office or even on holiday. The Widex Moment charger detects and charges your Widex Moment mRIC (MRR2D) hearing aids.

Includes: Widex Moment Charger, USB Charging Cable & Instruction Manual

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Gone are the days of struggling with hearing aid batteries, just a slim, simple, and discreet charger that fits your life.

The new Widex Moment mRIC charger will detect and charge your Moment mRIC (MRR2D) hearing aids. You can charge your hearing aids together or individually. The Moment charger detects the power level of both aids and will only charge the aid which requires extra power. Meaning that you can place both the aids in the charger at any time.

The charger has two wells that your hearing aids sit in to, whilst being charged the light indicators will give you a visual status of your charging level. The simple design of the charger makes charging your hearing aids very straightforward.

Light Indicators:

The charger uses a simple light indicator system to show you the charging status of your hearing aids. On inserting your hearing aids, the indicator lights will show any of the following:

  • Flashing green: this indicates that your aids are low on battery and less than 40% charged.
  • Glowing green: this indicates that your aids are being charged and are more than 40% charged.
  • Solid Green: this indicates that your hearing aids are now fully charged.

A full charge will take approximately 4 hours. However, a 30-minute charge will give you approximately 4 hours of use.

Multiple Power sources:

The unit comes with a micro-USB charging cable, which gives you the flexibility of how you decide to charge. You can connect the charger to different power supplies with 5V DC, 500mA output such as:

  • In the car
  • in a laptop/PC
  • Universal USB Power Supply

Using your charger:

The charging wells are protected by a hinged cover. Before use, grab the hinged cover on both sides and lift it upwards. Then pull it over towards the side with the USB port. When not in use, ensure the hinged cover is replaced to protect the wells.

Using the included USB cable, you can connect your charger to different power supplies with 5V DC, 500mA output.

Once the power is connected to the power supply, the light flash white 5 times then turn off. The charger is now in standby mode, and ready to charge your hearing aids.


The Widex Moment charger is compatible with Widex Moment mRIC (MRR2D) hearing aids.

If your hearing aid is not mentioned please feel free to get in touch and one of our experts can advise on the compatible product for you.


  • Compact & Discreet
  • Fully charged aids after only 4 hours
  • 30-minute charge gives you 4 hours of hearing aid use
  • Simple light indicator system
  • Perfect for use at work or on holiday
  • Multiple power sources
  • Two hearing aid wells
  • Single or multiple charge of aids
  • Hinged well cover

Product Specifications:

Colour: Black

Dimensions: Height 52mm, Width 85mm, Depth 29mm

Weight: Approx 68g

Please note hearing aids are not included. Please contact your local audiology clinic for help and advice with hearing aids 🙂 



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