Phonak Charger Combi BTE


The Phonak BTE Combi charger is designed for the Phonak Naida Paradise, Bolero Marvel and Sky Marvel hearing aids. It allows portable charging on the go, with the additional purchase of the Phonak Power Pack. The case is sleek in design, meaning it’s portable and can be taken anywhere. The locking mechanism on the lid means that your hearing aids are secure at all times, but can still be accessed at the simple click of a button. *Please note* The hearing aids shown in the photo are not included.

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The Phonak Charger Combi BTE is for the rechargeable Bolero, Naida & Sky hearing aids. This model allows you to charge on the go, with the optional Phonak Power Pack (item sold separately).

The case opens and closes with the use of a button, which adds additional security to your hearing aids, as they will not be able to fall out. Inside the charger are the two charging ports, one for each hearing aid, one is blue for the left ear and the other is red for the right ear. There is also a well for your receivers to sit in and this well can also hold a drying capsule, which will help remove any moisture within the unit and prolong the life of your hearing aids.

LED Lights

The LED lights on your hearing aids will let you know the charging status once they are in the charger. A blinking green light indicate that the hearing aids are charging. A solid green slight indicates that the hearing aids are fully charged.

For other LED colours, please refer to your hearing aid user guide.


The charger is powered by a Micro USB Cable which is supplied when you order this product. You can additionally purchase the Phonak Power Pack which can attach to the charger case, which transforms the unit into a completely portable charger for charging on the go.

Please note that this charger is only compatible with:

  • Naida Paradise
  • Bolero Marvel
  • Sky Marvel

*Please note* The hearing aids shown in the photo are not included.


This charger is compatible with the following hearing aids:

  • NHS Nathos Nova – PR
  • Naida Paradise P90 – PR
  • Naida Paradise P70 – PR
  • Naida Paradise P50 – PR
  • Naida Paradise P30 – PR
  • Bolero Marvel M90 – PR
  • Bolero Marvel M70 – PR
  • Bolero Marvel M50 – PR
  • Bolero Marvel M30 – PR
  • Sky Marvel M90 – PR
  • Sky Marvel M70 – PR
  • Sky Marvel M50 – PR
  • Sky Marvel M30 – PR


Additional information

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