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Bellman Door Transmitter for Doorbell


The Visit Door Transmitter helps you to notice when the doorbell rings, no matter if you are several rooms away. It signals the Visit receiver that notifies you with your own choice of flashes, sounds and vibrations.

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This transmitter is most useful if the current doorbell is hard to hear.

It works with any doorbell,  therefore this receiver can be used without having to remove or replace the existing system.

Key Benefits:

  • For use with the Bellman Visit system
  • Recognises up to three existing doorbells because it uses a unique ‘sound training’ feature
  • Wire directly to the bellpush in a wired doorbell set-up
  • Used with other Bellman Visit accessories
  • External microphone therefore can alert to other sound sources
  • Up to 5 year battery life
  • Up to 250m range
  • Wall mountable



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