RAYOVAC Extra Hearing Aid Batteries Size 675 Box of 10

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Pack of 60, size 675 Rayovac Zinc Air Extra hearing aid batteries (card of 6 cells). Ideal for Phonak, Resound, Widex, Oticon and Starkey hearing aids.

This product Includes : 60 x Rayovac Hearing Aid Batteries Size 675. 10 x 6 cards of 6

Brand : Rayovac


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The new design delivers energy where it’s needed, prolonging the life of the battery and ensuring a consistent and precise listening experience.

Rayovac Extra Advanced hearing aid batteries take advantage of the new Active Core Technology; a breakthrough new cell design which maximises internal space to hold more active ingredients, providing longevity, reliability and power needed to cope with any situation.

Active Core Technology Battery
Illustration for the internal Active Core Technology for Rayovac Extra Batteries

How to change your batteries:

Do you find changing your hearing aid battery difficult and fiddly? Why not try the Rayovac Magnetic Stick, the perfect handy tool to help you.


Other Sizes Available: 10, 13 & 312


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