RAYOVAC Size 10 Hearing Aid Batteries (Pack of 10)

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Rayovac have developed their latest battery with Active Core Plus Technology TM making giving their batteries an improved cell consistency, increased cell stability and therefore a longer lasting battery life.


This product Includes : 1 x RAYOVAC Hearing Aid Batteries Size 10 Box of 10

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Rayovac hearing aid batteries size 10 or are often referred to as the yellow batteries for hearing aids. They are the smallest size of hearing aid batteries available.

What’s Included

In a complete box of batteries, you get 60 individual cells. Each card has 6 battery cells and you get 10 cards in each box.

Their latest design in battery has a coloured tab that is now 25% larger to help make it easier to remove the battery from the packaging and place it into the battery compartment of your hearing device.

The batteries have a shelf life of up to 4 years.

Changing your Batteries

To remove your hearing aid battery from the packaging there is a small flap on the back of the packet which can be pulled down the batteries are on a plastic wheel so they can be moved around to remove the next battery from the pack. Hold the battery using the coloured tab and place it into your hearing device with the coloured tab facing upwards.

Remove the coloured tab and close your battery door and the battery is automatically activated.

Hearing aid batteries need to be disposed of correctly and shouldn’t be thrown into your regular household waste. To dispose of your used hearing aid batteries, you will need to take them to a battery recycling collection point, these can be found in most supermarkets.

3 reviews for RAYOVAC Size 10 Hearing Aid Batteries (Pack of 10)

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