Wireless Hearing Aid Accessories

If you want your hearing aids to go further than you thought possible, our range of Wireless Hearing Aid Accessories can help you achieve just that.

Check out our latest selection of wireless hearing products from top manufacturers such as Phonak and Starkey, offering a variety of powerful solutions to your individual requirements.

What is a Wireless Hearing Aid Accessory?

Wireless hearing aid accessories cover many different product types, such as TV connectors, FM Systems, Roger Pen microphones, Phonak clip-on microphones etc.

These products are designed for the purpose of helping you cope with your hearing loss, whilst also having some wireless element to their design to enhance your mobility and user experience.

What are the advantages of having a wireless accessory over a wired device?

Increased Mobility: You can connect your hearing aid to a wireless hearing aid accessory device in a much larger radius. This allows you to move freely throughout your house without losing connection.

Next Generation Technology: All the major brands are currently looking into investing in the latest speech software and hardware. This allows users to reach maximum comfort, paves the way for technological advancements in hearing aids and means you can be sure you are getting the best results possible.

Better Hearing in Noise: Thanks to their unique design, wireless hearing aid accessories are designed to enhance your hearing, whilst helping to counteract background noise. They have been specifically created to enhance hearing in crowded social situations such as meetings, interviews or lectures.

No messy wires: You can now forget about worrying over long wires. These used to be a problem because they posed a risk to the user through being a tripping hazard.

What technology is used to make the accessories wireless?

Bluetooth: This is one of the most widely used technologies that allows the devices to go wireless. It uses short wave length UHF radio waves to transmit information, which is then translated on the other side by a receiver.
Infrared: Used less often than Bluetooth but still a valid method for wireless devices. It transmits information through electromagnetic radiation, which as an additional bonus is invisible to human eyes without special equipment.

What types of connections are available for the Wireless Accessories?

There are two types of connection with wireless or Bluetooth hearing aid accessories:

Indirect Connection:  The indirect connection type utilises a neck worn streamer to carry the audio signal into the hearing aids. This is done via the use of a transmitter and a receiver like the Hearing Aid itself.

Direct Connection: The direct connection accessories stream the audio directly to the hearing aids. Resulting in them not requiring additional equipment unlike the indirect connection model.

What brands are available?

Phonak is one of the largest and most well-known brands in the world. They can be found in over 100 countries and have been going for over 70 years. Their wireless hearing aid accessories are well-regarded for their simplicity and technology.

Founded in 1869 by C.F.Tietgen, since then they have been at the forefront of hearing aid technology. Their wireless accessories follow this great legacy thanks to their outside-the-box thinking and revolutionary designs.

The Bellman company was founded in 1989 by Mr. Peter Jungvid, the company wanted to fill a gap in the market for places like the Sahlgrenska University Hospital who needed a product that could assist the hard of hearing.

Their products very quickly became important solutions for telephones, doorbells and aiding patients with hearing instruments.

Established in Denmark since 1956. Widex has grown to become one of the most powerful brands in the hearing aid world. They’ve expanded their influence through their wireless hearing aid accessory range, which puts emphasis on quality over quantity.

A world leader in the manufacturing of hearing aid technology since 1967, they are the youngest brand in our arsenal. Starkey came into the industry with new ideas and fresh energy, which you can see in their wireless accessories.

Common questions regarding wireless hearing aid accessories

Multiple devices can usually be paired to one streamer, so you can easily switch between different devices. You can be connected to your mobile phone while you’re streaming a movie from your tablet.

The streamer can interrupt or pause the audio from your tablet, in order to bring you the audio signal from an incoming phone call.

Many hearing aids are also compatible with a remote controller. This is especially useful if your hearing aids are too small to accommodate external controls. It’s useful for customers that need a way to adjust the settings on their hearing aids without removing them.

Please remember that a manufacturers equipment will only work with their own hearing aids. If you did want to use other manufactures equipment, the only way would be to utilise the direct audio input (if your device has one).

No. All the information you need to buy an accessory for your hearing aid is located in the product itself. As long as you pick the same brand as your hearing aids there should be no compatibility issues.

You can always consult your audiologist, however they may charge you for this advice. Alternatively, you can give us a call free of charge on 0116 262 3279 (UK Number) to discuss your needs and we’d be happy to help.

Telecoil symbol

What is a Telecoil?

The telecoil has been the main piece of hardware that has allowed hearing aid users and people with cochlear implants to listen to induction loops.

This technology covers a wide range of places where hearing aid users have difficulty in hearing. This is especially true over distance, background noise and areas with poor acoustics.