Hearing Aid Tubes

Effective hearing aid tubes can be the difference between solid, clear sound, or distorted and unintelligible sound. 

Hearing aid tubes often need replacing due to moisture, ear wax build-up and general wear. Hearing Aid Accessories offers an extensive range for you to choose from – at great prices.

What is a hearing aid tube?

Hearing aid tubes serve a critical purpose for your hearing aids. They transmit the sound waves from the attached microphone to the receiver, which then converts it back for you to hear.

How a hearing aid tube transmits sound: The tube is designed to allow sound to be transmitted using a sinusoidal wave form, because of this the tube must be maintained to keep it in the best condition possible.

When to get a new hearing aid tube: A quick way to check is to gently squeeze the hearing aid tube, if it quickly goes back into shape it is fine. However if it remains in the bent shape, then you know it needs to be changed as quickly as possible – this prevents your hearing from suffering.

How can I make my hearing aid tube fit me?

Due to its nature, hearing aid tube features can be changed to suit your hearing aids better. Customisation features include:

A simple bulk roll of tubing is available for more experienced users. This allows you to use what you need, when you need it, by cutting to size as the need arises. This is quite old fashioned but still available. 

You can now order pre-bent tubing of a required thickness. This will depend entirely on the severity of you’re hearing loss you. Heavier hearing loss requires thicker tubing. Make sure you check with your hearing aid dispenser if you’re not sure about the thickness you require.

This extra feature is designed to prevent condensation and moisture build-up within the tubing of the hearing aid itself. This increases the lifespan of your hearing aid and helps it produce a better sound overall.

As you would expect you can also change the colour of your hearing aid tube to better suit your own style and preference. This allows you to either stand out from the crowd or blend in with it.

What Tools will I need for hearing aid tubing?

If you decide to change the hearing aid tubing yourself you will need the following tools:

These will be used to cut the amount of hearing aid tubing you’ll need and for cleaning up mistakes that can occur later in the process.

This tool will be used to more accurately shape and guide the hearing aid tubing into place. They can also be used to deconstruct the hearing aid as required.

With this tool it becomes simple to remove the earmould from the hearing aid. This may be necessary if it has become degraded or you have a larger tube than expected.

This allows you to thread the tubing through the earmould with ease. Some tools come equipped with both this and the extractor as one tool.

As you would expect glue allows you to solidly hold in place your new hearing aid tubing. Always make sure the glue is suitable for your hearing aids or you can risk permanent damage to them.