CENS - Shooting Ear Plugs

Advanced hearing protection for shooting.

CENS ear plugs combine comfort, style, performance and the highest safety standards to offer shooters custom digital ear plugs with outstanding hearing protection. There are ear plugs for shooting and then there are CENS ear plugs – simply the best on the market!

What are CENS ear plugs?

CENS have been providing revolutionary hearing protection for shooting for over 30 years. They have a passion for gun sports and this passion, combined with their depth of their knowledge and expertise, keep CENS digital ear plugs one step ahead of the competition. They work in the field closely with amateurs and professionals alike to develop, test and deliver new hearing protection innovations, that allow shooters to take their performance to the next level.

What is custom hearing protection?

CENS produce custom digital hearing protection which caters for every shooter’s need. From basic to advanced, all models can be upgraded at any time if those needs should change. Digital hearing protection is very different to traditional ear plugs, as they allow you to hear normal conversation while attenuating (blocking) the loud sound of a gunshot.

Whilst CENS custom ear plugs are compact and lightweight and at the same time always ensure safety standards, so wearers never have to compromise their shoot. All CENS hearing protection products are rigorously CE tested to EN352-2&7 levels and come with a 2 year warranty for your piece of mind.

Who are CENS ear plugs for?

CENS digital hearing protection is designed for shooters of any level. Anyone can access CENS technology as at basic level it is affordable, yet as a modular system, they are also upgradable, so you can spread the cost of this technology over time if required.

The patented state-of-the-art ProFlex DX have been optimised and programmed by experienced shooters and technicians, for the piece of mind and confidence of shooters at any level of the game.

What is involved in the production of my CENS order?

  1. For all CENS products sold by Hearing Aid Accessories, aural impressions are required as they are all custom hearing protection solutions – providing ultimate comfort with perfect fit.These will be taken by an Audiologist at one of the centres run by Hear4U, our sister company (Please Note: Hear4U Centres are based in Leicestershire and Northamptonshire, if you require an audiologist elsewhere in the UK we can put you through to The Earwax Removal Specialists who have a comprehensive map of audiologists across the whole of the UK) .
  2. Once you have placed your order, we will contact you to arrange the impression appointment. 
  3. During this appointment, the Audiologist will perform an otoscopy (an examination of your ear canal and ear drum) to identify any potential contraindications to impression taking. Once happy to proceed, they will place a sponge with a removal string into your ear canal and position it carefully at the correct depth. Then they will syringe putty into your ear which will be removed once set, taking a perfect casting of your ear.
  4. The whole process will take no longer than 30 minutes and your ears will be blocked with putty for no longer than 5 minutes. Once impressions have been taken, they will be sent for the manufacturer and we will get in contact to book a product delivery appointment for inspection to ensure a perfect fit.