Doro Secure 580


The Doro secure 580 is an easy to use mobile phone with simplified features, large buttons and a GPS localisation feature and an SOS button making it perfect for families wanting to keep in touch of elderly relatives.

Brand : Doro

This product Includes : 1 x Doro Secure 580



This phone has been designed specifically for elderly people with reduced dexterity, memory loss or impaired reasoning. The phone has a soft easy grip casing for comfort.

The Doro secure has an easy to use, simplified keypad. It allows the user to store and dial four contacts, Large keys and clearly displayed names make it easy to recognise and operate the phone. Two other buttons located at the top of the numbers allow an incoming call to be answered and another to decline or end the call.

ICE (In Case of Emergency)

It has the additional safety feature of creating an ICE contact, In Case of Emergency. Emergency services will look for this feature when attending for up to date information about the patient this can include medications, allergies, height and weight which can help them with their diagnosis and treatment.

The Doro secure can receive but not send text messages. The phone will send a “messaged opened” alert to the sender when the receiver has read the message.


The phone can be customised by altering the volume of the ring tone and the audio sound, ring tone, contrast and brightness of the screen and can be used by people with hearing aids, by switching the hearing aids to the T mode, ask your hear care provider if this is an option on your hearing aids. It has a maximum receiving amplification of 35dB. The phone has a visual ring indicator at the top of the screen.

GPS Function

The GPS function works when the assistance button is pressed. This button is located on the back of the phone. When activated it automatically dials and sends an SOS alarm message to your five pre-set emergency contact numbers.

Family Staying Connected

My Doro secure 580 can be accessed remotely using the online my doro manager, by the user or family members from anywhere allowing the phones settings and content to be managed.

The safety timer function can be used to set a daily task, e.g take a shower. If the alarm hasn’t been deactivated within a set time, then an assistance sequence is started.

The battery has a standby time of up to 350 hours and a talk time of 10 hours. A text message will be sent to your emergency contact numbers when your battery falls below 10%. The phone is charged in a charging cradle with mains adapter included.


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