GN ReSound S Receiver Sports Locks


The GN ReSound sports lock is designed to keep your hearing aid secure inside your ear – great for those who are physically active, or simply want a securer fitting.

*One size will fit all Resound S Receiver Wires*

Brand: GN ReSound

This product includes: x10 Sport Locks

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Sports locks will fit your hearing aid receiver wire to keep it secure. This is an excellent solution for those who enjoy various sports or running, and for those who have larger ear canals and require a securer fitting.

We recommend changing sports locks when they start to become brittle. The length of time it takes for this to happen can vary from person to person because it depends entirely on how frequently you use your hearing aid.

How to use:

Fitting a sport lock is a simple process, and you can do it yourself by:

  1. Removing the dome
  2. Placing the sports lock over your receiver wire
  3. Reapply the dome


The sports locks are compatible with GN Resound S Receiver Wires.

If you have GN ReSound SureFit2 or ReSound ONE SureFit 3 Receiver, you will require a different sports lock – you can find these on our website here.


  • 10 sports locks

Please note that the GN ReSound S Receiver Wire is sold separately.


Additional information

Weight10 g
Dimensions15 × 2.5 × 20 cm