Phonak Roger On iN V2 – Microphone Transmitter


Phonak Roger On iN V2 is the state of the art and newest microphone in the Phonak Roger portfolio. It provides you with the best features of all the Roger product range in one easy-to-use device. It is usable in 5 different modes in all types of environments and is able to stream from multiple audio devices directly into your hearing aids.

This iN version is only compatible with Phonak Marvel, Paradise, Lumity and Life aids and requires no additional Roger Receivers to connect to the innovative Roger technology

Brand: Phonak

This product includes: x1 Roger On V2 iN x1 carry case, 1 x Docking Station,  x1 lanyard, x1 power supply plug, x1 USB charging cable, x1 TV optical cable, x1 Analog audio cable (3.5mm jack), x1 user information manual



This iN version is only compatible with Phonak Marvel, Paradise, Lumity and Life aids and requires no additional Roger Receivers to connect to the innovative Roger technology.

The Phonak Roger On iN V2 is the newest addition to the illustrious Phonak Roger range. It combines all the best features of the Roger On with an added new feature of the “Headset Mode” to help with online meetings and video calls, with integrated microphones this essentially transforms your hearing aids into a wireless headset.

The Phonak Roger On iN V2 is a remote microphone device that is particularly useful for enhancing conversations that occur in background noise and  over distance. The Phonak Roger On iN V2  has been described as the best noise cancelling hearing aid accessory.

Headset Mode:

With Headset Mode, you can replace the uncomfortable headset you once used for online meetings, instead, you can stream the voices of those in the meeting directly to your hearing aids, whilst the microphone of the Roger On V2 will stream the sound of your voice to the meeting in the same way a headset usually would. Thanks to the clever technology within the Roger On V2, you won’t need to adjust the volume of your hearing aids either whilst in Headset Mode – the Roger On V2 works alongside your specific hearing aid(s) settings to ensure that the volume of the voices being streamed to your hearing aids would be the same volume if they were right in front of you, in person.

3 ways you can use the Phonak Roger On iN V2 during online calls or meetings without having to worry about picking up surrounding voices and noise:

  1. Placed on a desk: When the device is placed flat on a desk it will automatically activate the Multibeam technology, which will pick up your voice from all directions, giving you freedom to move around knowing the clarity of you voice will not change.
  2. Placed in the stand: This can be placed in the docking station, ensuring the device is pointing in your direction picking up only your voice, it will significantly reduce background noise that may occur in your surroundings.
  3. Clipped onto clothing: When this is clipped to an item of clothing i.e. a shirt/blouse the device forms a short directional beam that points up towards your mouth ensuring your voice is captured accurately , providing the best speech pick up of all 3 modes

The Roger On V2 iN utilises 2.4Ghz 2.0 Multibeam Technology and allows you to stream audio directly into your compatible hearing aid from multiple audio devices such as mobiles, laptops, PC’s, tablets and more! Roger On V2’s automatic frequency hopping provides a more secure line of connection for a crisp and delay free sound.

This device supports your streaming within difficult listening environments whilst blocking out un-wanted background noise.

It further features a quick charge option, so you can start using your Phonak Roger On iN V2 after only 1 hour of charging. By using the Phonak Roger On iN V2 docking station, your device will be 80% charged after 1 hour, and 100% after 3 hours.

How to use:

The 5 modes of Phonak Roger On iN V2:

Presenter Mode

Pass this to your lecturer, teacher, or gym instructor to clip to their clothing for direct voice streaming. Alternatively, they can also use the lanyard included.

Table Microphone Mode

Supports with a reduction in background noise by using the 360 degrees sound function in its four 6-directional microphones. You can choose exactly which directions are required to prioritise speech from either front, left or all around.

Pointing Mode

Casually point into the direction of a person to transmit their voice into your hearing aid; this works even at distances of up to 2 meters.

Stream TV Mode

Insert the device into the included docking station and into your TV using the included optical out cable to stream directly into your aids. This function will also not affect the television volume of other viewers in the same room. An alternative way to stream audio through your TV directly into your aids is to simply use the Digital Audio Cable or the Audio 3.5 mm jack cable which are included.

Stream Audio Device Mode

By using the 3.5mm audio cable, you can stream audio and phone calls from multiple audio devices. These modes can be changed manually by using the button interface and choosing the icon to suit your mode. The device also features position technology, which automatically switches modes when you pick it up, lie it flat on the table or insert it into your TV. Intuitive and easy!

Four 6-directional microphones:

By using the “my Roger Mic” smart phone app you can set your own preference to microphone directions. You can either choose 1 direction for one-to-one conversations or select your icons for up to 6 directions for group conversations.

You can also save your environment preference under the app memory; each time you select your environment, your microphone remembers to use the setting of your choosing.

The Roger On V2 iN also has an automatic “pointing” directional microphone option. You can discreetly hold the device in your hand and point to the person you wish to hear and their voice is automatically streamed directly into your aids whilst reducing background noise. This holds a range of up to 2 meters.

Your conversational partner can also choose to wear the Roger On device on their lapel using the clip feature, or around their neck with the lanyard included. This amazing feature is commonly used in classrooms, lecture halls and even at the gym.

Streaming TV:

Not only used for conversations, the Roger On can also be used to stream audio directly from your TV into your aids without affecting any other TV viewers in the same room.

Using the TOSLINK (Optical Audio) cable and your Roger On Docking Station which is included, simply insert your Roger On in the station and you device will automatically change to TV mode.

You can also control your TV audio volume and transmission whilst using your “My Roger Mic” smart phone app.


This iN version is compatible with Phonak Marvel & Paradise hearing aids only. However, if you are unsure about your device’s compatibility, then please get in touch with our dedicated support staff.

Included in the box:

  • Roger On V2 iN
  • Carry case
  • Docking Station
  • Lanyard
  • Power supply plug
  • USB charging cable
  • TV optical cable
  • Analog audio cable (3.5mm jack)
  • User information manual


Additional information

Weight485 g
Dimensions18 × 13 × 13 cm

Champagne, Graphite Grey


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