Bernafon Charger Plus miniBTE


The Bernafon Charger Plus is the newest charger in the Bernafon portfolio and offers on-the-go power for optimal convenience.

What’s more, it also features a drying function whilst you charge!

Brand: Bernafon

Includes: x1 Charger Plus, x1 USB Power Supply Cable, x1 Power Supply Plug & x1 User Manual

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The Bernafon Charger Plus is the latest addition to the already-impressive range of Bernafon gadgets now on offer, and it is suitable for selected Bernafon rechargeable devices.

Charging Your Aids:

We recommend starting your day with a full day of charge in your aids. The great thing about the Charger Plus is you can charge your aids whilst you’re also out and about!

  • 30 minutes charge time = 25% hearing aid charge
  • 1 hour charge time = 50% hearing aid charge
  • 3 hours charge time = FULL hearing aid charge

When your battery in your aid is fully charged the charger will automatically stop.

Charging Your Charger Plus:

The Bernafon Charger Plus features a built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery and also serves as a power bank for your hearing aids.

This amazing feature, when fully charged, allows you to charge your aids up to 3 times!

  • 4 hours charge time = when charging the charger on its own
  • 8 hours charge time = when charging the chargers & your aids at the same time

It is also possible to charge the unit using different power sources. This can be achieved using the charger’s USB plug – although you must ensure that the power source is USB 2.0 compliant with a minimum of 500mA output. Multiple power sources include:

  • Computer
  • Car

How to use:

Simply place your hearing aids in the charging wells, making sure your hearing aids correspond with the left and right colour indicators.

The red indicator is for your right hearing aid, and the blue is for your left hearing aid.

The hearing aid LED lights will turn on when the hearing aids have been placed in the charging wells correctly.


The Bernafon Charger Plus is compatible with the below Bernafon hearing devices.

  • Alpha XT miniBTE T R
  • Alpha miniBTE T R

Features and benefits:

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Charge your aids on the go, wherever you are!
  • LED light indicators
  • Multiple power sources
  • Two hearing aid wells
  • Drying capability
  • Detachable USB cable
  • Lid feature to keep your aids safe

Included in the box:

  • Bernafon Charger Plus miniBTE
  • USB power cable
  • Power plug
  • Charger case
  • User information manual

*Please note, hearing aids are NOT included* For support with hearing aid fitting, please contact your Audiologist.

Product specifications:

Dimensions: 90mm x 74mm x 43mm

Weight: 188g

Colour: Black

 For International Orders:

The power supply included is a UK 3 pin plug, however, we do include a free power adapter suitable for your region. Please ensure you check your regional power supply voltage prior to use (power adapter subject to stock availability). Alternatively, a universal USB charger cable is included, which you can use in your choice of power supply for your region.

Additional information

Weight455 g


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