ZPower Rechargeable System for Hearing Aids **SOLD AS SEEN**

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The ZPower Rechargeable System can convert your battery-powered hearing aids into rechargeable ones courtesy of ZPower’s long-lasting rechargeable batteries!

Brand: Z Power

Includes: 1x ZPower charger, ZPower rechargeable batteries, 1x USB wall adapter, 1x operations manual.

Available while stocks last only.

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How to Charge Your Hearing Aids:

  1. Place Your Hearing Aids on the Charger

Hold your hearing aids by their base (not the cable), and place them in the charging slot. Both the cables and receivers should be facing the same side of the charger as the power cable. When your hearing aids are correctly placed, both lights will begin blinking green. Note: Hearing aids automatically turn off when placed into the charger. There is no need to open your battery door.

  1. Wait 3-4 Hours

When the green lights are blinking, your hearing aids are charging. When the lights stop blinking and turn solid green, your hearing aids are completely charged.

  1. Remove, And Wear Your Hearing Aids

Pick up your hearing aids by the base of the hearing aid, NOT by the cable. Your hearing aids will turn on automatically when removed from the charger. You can remove your hearing aids before they’re completely charged, but they won’t last as long as when they’re fully charged. It’s best to leave your hearing aids in the charger any time you’re not using them. They won’t overcharge, so be sure to charge your hearing aids at the end of each day.


  • Clean as needed
  • Use a dry, soft tissue to remove any debris
  • Do not sterilize or disinfect the charger
  • Do not clean with rubbing alcohol, solvents or any other liquid.

What’s included?

  • The ZPower charger
  • ZPower rechargeable batteries (with a distinct gold and silver colour)
  • USB wall adapter
  • Operations manual

Please note hearing aids are not included.


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