Starkey Charger **SOLD AS SEEN UNIT**

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The Starkey Charger provides you with the feature of charging your hearing aids on the go! The charger also is used as a dry-aid kit and case for standard Starkey lithium-ion rechargeable hearing aids (RIC R and BTE R).

Brand: Starkey

Includes: Charging Unit, Desiccant puck holder, Cleaning brush, Earbud/earmold reservoir, UK power supply, USB Charging Cable


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This item is sold as seen product and is non-returnable unless faulty. We offer a 30 days returns policy on faulty items and 12 months manufacturing warranty. 

Starkey are always blowing us away with their amazing products and fabulous ideas. With the standard charger they have their own battery which can be charged and can then supply your hearing aids with at least 3 charges before the charger itself would need recharging.


The standard charging case is compatible with any Starkey Lithium-ion rechargeable hearing aids. For example Starkey Livio range, this includes the Livio 2400, 2000, 1600, 1200 and the Livio AI.

The battery inside the charger will be fully charged in 2.5 hours which can supply hearing aids with 3 full charges without using a power source. The hearing aids will be at a full charge within 3.5 hours. Charging will still happen whether the case is open or closed (but is advised to stay closed when the aids are inside).

Charging your aids:

Place your hearing aids into their bays and then either your molds or receivers should be sat into their reservoir behind the hearing aid bays. The hearing aids will automatically turn off when placed into the charger.

The charger also has LED indicator lights to show the level of charging.

  • Glowing Green = Charging
  • Solid Green = Fully charged
  • Blinking Red = Fault state. If this happens take out the hearing aids wait for the lights to go off then reinsert your hearing aids.

Also, when you are charging the aids ‘out and about’ the lights will turn off to save the chargers battery.

Moisture Cleaning:

The desiccant puck is used to remove moisture from your hearing aids. With the standard charger the puck will work for up to 3-6 months depending on the moisture in the hearing aids. You will be able to tell the puck needs replacing as the desiccant bead go from blue to white.

Charging the battery in the charger:

The charger also has LED indicator lights on the back, which shows the battery power level when charging.

It has 4 lights which will show:

  • Glowing while charging
  • Solid when charged

When charging your hearing aids to see the battery power level remove a hearing aid from its charging bay for 3 seconds and then replace it. The indicator lights will light up to show you its level. This will last for 10 seconds before turning off again.

  • 4 solid lights > 75%
  • 3 solid lights > 75%
  • 2 solid lights > 50%
  • 1 solid light > 20%
  • 1 blinking light > Charge low

Other Unique Features:

  • Stylish Metallic Black Colour
  • Smooth Surface
  • Magnetic Lid
  • Receiver Bays
  • Charger indicator lights for hearing aids and battery in charger
  • Hearing Aid Bays
  • Quick charging, only 3.5 hours!
  • Soft Rubber Feet
  • Drying Unit feature with drying desiccant puck holder
  • Ergonomically Friendly
  • Automatic on/off when inserted or removed

Product Specifications:

Width 103 mm x Depth  75 mm x Height 45 mm (When Closed)

Weight Approx. 137g


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