Oticon TV Adapter 2.0 **SOLD AS SEEN UNIT**

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The Oticon TV adapter 2.0 is a wireless device that streams the sound from the TV and other audio devices to your Oticon hearing aids, effectively turning your hearing aids into wireless headphones. The Oticon Streamer Pro (sold separately) acts as the middle transmitter allowing the audio to stream to your hearing aids as well as many other Oticon accessories.

Brand : Oticon

Includes : 1 x Oticon TV adapter 2.0, 1 x Power Supply, 1 x TOSLINK, 1 x RCA Cable,, 1 x Mini Jack Adapter, 1 x Instruction manual


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This item is new and un-used, however it has been opened and the box is slightly damaged, which is shown in the pictures. This item is sold as seen product and is non-returnable unless faulty. We offer a 30 days returns policy on faulty items and 12 months manufacturing warranty. 

The hearing aid wearer is able to adjust the sound of what they can hear through the TV or audio device but it will not affect the volume that others are listening at so everyone can enjoy the sound at a volume that’s comfortable for them.

Compatibility with Hearing Aids:

The Oticon TV adapter 2.0 is compatible with the following Oticon hearing aids, using the Oticon Streamer Pro 1.3 (sold separately):

  • Nero
  • Alta
  • Ino

The TV adapter 2.0 needs to be placed on a flat surface close to the TV and in close range of the hearing aids, the TV adapter has a range of up to 15-meters. It is connected to the mains and to your TV or your chosen audio device. All connection required to setup the device is included within the purchase.

To allow for the audio to be streamed directly you would require the Oticon Streamer Pro 1.3 (sold separately). The Streamer Pro acts as the middle receiver and can also be used with many other Oticon Accessories to help stream audio from many other home devices. The Streamer Pro 1.3 also acts as your controller allowing you to do the following whilst in use:

  • Change the volume
  • Mute the sound
  • Start TV audio streaming
  • Turn on TV Sound
  • Turn off TV Sound

For all other Oticon hearing aids after the above, including Opn, Engage Siya, and Xceed you would require the Oticon TV Adapter 3.0. These hearing aids offer a direct audio stream to the TV Adapter 3.0.

If your hearing aid is not mentioned please feel free to get in touch and we will be happy to check the compatibility for you.


Before using the Streamer Pro 1.3 for your TV listening you must pair this with your TV Adapter 2.0.

Simply power on your TV Adapter 2.0, a steady green light should be the indicator that power supply is present.

Press and hold the ON/OFF button on the Streamer Pro 1.3 for approx. 5-6 seconds until a blue light starts blinking.

Place the Streamer Pro on top of, or close to the TV Adapter. Pairing only takes around 20-60 seconds. The pairing is complete when the power indictor on the TV Adapter and the ON/OFF button on the Streamer Pro briefly turns blue, following by orange.

This pairing only needs to be completed once and audio streaming will happen automatically when both products are turns on.

Other features:

  • Sleek design and colour
  • Simply set up and pairing
  • Power indicator lights
  • TV Indicator lights
  • TOSLINK out and in
  • RCA left and right
  • Power Supply included
  • SelectMe options, allowing you to have multiple TV adapters in each room and simply switch between them.

Product Specifications:

121 mm, x 77 mm x 20 mm

approx. 105 g

International  Orders : The power supply included is a UK 3 pin plug, we do include a free power adapter suitable for your region. Please ensure you check regional power supply voltage prior to use. (power adapter subject to stock availability)


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