Phonak D-Dry Box

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The Phonak D-Dry box is a three in one drying, germ reducing and storage device for your hearing aids and moulds. It uses electrical heating to dry the hearing aid or mould within three hours, and UV- C light to reduce to the accumulation of germs with a five-minute cleaning process.

Brand : Phonak

This product Includes : 1 x Phonak D-Dry Box


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The Phonak D Dry box can be used to store your hearing aids or moulds in when you’re not wearing them. When in use it uses air circulation and a gentle heating process up to 40’C which draws the moisture from the hearing device within three hours or for a more intense drying process it has a six hour program for when you are in places with high humidity, if abroad or if there is a higher moisture content within the hearing aid or mould.

Fast and Effective

The UV- C light has been tested and accredited to eradicate the accumulation of germs on the hearing aid or mould therefore reducing the risk of infections in and around the ear providing a more hygienic hearing device. This automatic process takes only five minutes.

Usage and Details

To use the Phonak D Dry box it is recommended, this accessory is used on a regular basis, preferably daily.

It is operated with a 5V power supply and comes with a USB adapter, that can be attached to your computer and automatically turns off when selected drying process has completed.

The UV- C cleaning process is an additional five-minute program using the UV – C light which safely shuts down automatically when the Dry Box lid is opened. It has a pre-selected time for the drying process either three or six hours depending on the moisture collected within the hearing device.

The Phonak D Dry box is compatible with all hearing aids battery operated or rechargeable and hearing aid moulds.



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