Bellman Ringer

£30.99 inc VAT

Bellman Ringer

£30.99 inc VAT

The Bellman Ringer will alert you with a powerful sound signal and a clear light indication when the telephone rings.


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with the Bellman Ringer you can Easily adjust the ring volume, tone and sound pattern to fit required needs. An outdoor speaker can also be connected.


The BE1010 Bellman Ringer is an indoor alerting system that helps the user to identify when an analogue telephone/text phone/fax machine is ringing. The Bellman Ringer draws the user’s attention by emitting an extra loud and adjustable sound signal from the built-in loudspeaker and via a light signal from an LED fitted in the front of the unit. The Bellman Outdoor Telephone ringer BE9003 is an optional extra that is connected by a cable into the Bellman Ringer and emits an extra loud and adjustable ring tone for external or industrial use.

the ringer is connected in the usual manner by an adapter plug into the telephone socket or can be connected to other sources, such as certain door signals. This is carried out by a special connection via the built-in telephone input (9).

Installation and connection

The Bellman ringer is generally installed on a wall, however the product can also be placed horizontally, e.g. on a desk.

The Bellman Ringer can be connected in the following ways:

  • Directly from an analogue telephone socket with the supplied telephone cord/adapter plug into the telephone input (9).
  • Via pins 1 and 6 of the telephone input (9). See Technical Specifications for further details.

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