Phonak Roger Table Mic II + Remote Control

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Roger Table Mic II is a microphone dedicated for working adults who participate in various meetings.

Brand : Phonak

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The Roger Table Mic II is designed for working adults who have a hearing loss and attend meetings, however it can also be really helpful for those family gatherings. The Roger Table Mic II is easy to set up, it transmits wirelessly straight to your hearing aids through a range of receivers, including the MyLink and Roger X(not included), to take the stress out of following the conversation at meetings.

360 Angle Coverage

By utilizing multiple microphones, speech can be collected from six directions to cover 360°. The signal-to-noise ratio for all six direction is calculated and the speech with the best clarity is automatically selected. Providing exceptional speech understanding in group conversations such as in noisy restaurants or family gatherings when hearing aids may not be enough.

With it’s stylish design, the Roger Table MIC II will blend in perfectly with the rest of the equipment in your meeting rooms and home.

Battery Life

The Roger Table MIC is completely automatic, which makes this product really easy to use, and with it’s 20 hour rechargeable battery life, you can take it everywhere during your busy schedule.

Additional information

Weight665 g
Dimensions23 × 16 × 16 cm


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