Starkey SurfLink Mini Mobile System *EX-DISPLAY*

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The Surflink Mini Mobile System is the mobile phone streaming solution offered to users of older generations of Starkey hearing aids that do not have direct mobile streaming. Compatible with Muse iQ generations and older, the Mini Mobile System enables wireless streaming of phone calls and music from your Bluetooth enabled device. The system consists of the Surflink Remote Microphone and a plug in Mini Mobile Adaptor.

Brand : Starkey

Includes : SurfLink Remote Microphone 2, SurfLink Mini Mobile Adapter, USB-to-MicroUSB Charging Cable, UK Power Adapter, EU to USB Power Supply & Operations Manual


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This item is new and un-used. This item is sold as an Ex-Display product and is non-returnable unless faulty. We offer a 30 days returns policy on faulty items and 12 months manufacturing warranty. 


Starkey’s Surflink Mini Mobile System is made from two elements: the Remote Microphone and the Mini Mobile Adaptor. This means, on purchase of this system you will not only enable wireless mobile phone audio streaming but also have access to the benefits that a remote microphone can provide.

The Mini Mobile System’s Microphone:

The Surflink Remote Microphone gives you a better experience in background noise. When worn around your conversation partner’s neck or clipped to their clothing, the signal-to-noise ratio is reduced, therefore improving the ease of 1:1 conversations in a noisy or challenging environment. Environments such as Cafes, Restaurants, and The Office.

When the Surflink Mini Mobile Adaptor is used with the Remote Microphone, the resulting system enables wireless transmission of audio from your Bluetooth device to your hearing aids. The adaptor simply plugs into the micro-USB jack of the Surflink Remote Microphone.

Taking a call:

Once set up has been completed, incoming calls will sound in your hearing aids and one single press of the multi-function push button on the adapter will answer the call. A holding press of the button for more than 2 seconds will reject the call. During the call, the Remote Microphone will pick up your own voice and transmit it back to your phone and onward to your conversation partner.


Starkey Surflink accessories are compatible with wireless Picasso, Muse iQ, Muse, SoundLens Synergy iQ, SoundLens Synergy and Z Series hearing aids. If your hearing aid is not mentioned please feel free to get in touch and we can recommend the compatible product for you.

Though pairing can be done at home, your hearing aids will need to have been programmed to be able to interact with the Surflink accessories. Your hearing care professional may have already done this, but it can be done at any time if not.

Bluetooth feature:

The Mini Mobile adapter will work with most Bluetooth enabled devices.

Bluetooth Overview: Bluetooth is a wireless communication technology used to transmit audio and data. To interoperate with SurfLink Mini Mobile, a Bluetooth-enabled device must support at least one of the following Bluetooth profiles:

  • To make/receive phone calls, your Bluetooth device must support the “Hands-Free” (HFP) profile.
  • To listen to music, your Bluetooth device must support the “Media” (A2DP) profile.

Features & Benefits:

  • 2 things in 1, Remote Microphone for conversations, and Mobile Adapter for phone call/audio streaming.
  • Power on/off slider
  • Micro USB Jack for charging
  • Syncing Button
  • Clip for wearer
  • Enables communication between your hearing aids and you Bluetooth enabled mobile device
  • Wirelessly stream phone calls and music to your hearing aids
  • Pocket sized so you can always access the device quickly
  • Easy-to-use with a single multi-function button
  • No neck loop required like other streamers
  • LED indicator light showing device status
  • Can be paired with 2 Bluetooth devices at a time

Product Specifications:

System connected: 88mm x 29 mm x 18 mm. approx. 34g

Clip on Microphone:69 mm x 29 mm x 18 mm. aprrox. 29g

Mini Mobile Adapter: 28 mm x 29 mm x 13 mm. approx.  5g


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