Phonak PilotOne II Remote Control *EX-DISPLAY*

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The Phonak PilotOne II remote control is designed for maximum impact, ease of use and discretion. Its clever simplicity and ergonomic design make it totally user-friendly.  The Phonak PilotOne is now an outdated model being replaced by the Pilot II – please check with our office if you are unsure of which model you require.

Brand : Phonak

CompatibilitySuitable for Belong & Venture Hearing Aids.

This product Includes : 1 x Phonak PilotOne II Remote Contro,l 1 x Manual, 1 x Key Fob, 1 x Luxurious Leather casing


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This item is new and un-used. This item is sold as an Ex-Display product and is non-returnable unless faulty. We offer a 30 days returns policy on faulty items and 12 months manufacturing warranty. 

A simple but effective remote control from the manufacturer Phonak for use with their latest technology of hearing aids.  Made with the older client in mind for its ease of use and simplicity in its function.

Phonak Pilot One II Remote Control is the perfect simple control for hearing aid users who may struggle to press buttons on their hearing aids or to turn them up or down.  Sold by Hearing Aid Accessories this remote control is built for the Venture chip which is part of the Phonak portfolio of technology.

Different button programmes:

The plus and minus buttons are for altering the volume control and the two further buttons are for altering the programmes, including a home button which is very useful if the client gets confused.

On the side of the Phonak Com Pilot II is a lock down facility so that the buttons don’t keep getting knocked accidentally.

This remote has 4 buttons on the front with an on/off button on the side.  The plus and minus button increases and decreased the volume with the range of volume being pre-set by the Audiologist on the computer they use to programme the hearing aids.

The third button alters the programmes that may be put into the hearing aid again by the Audiologist.  The fourth button is a home button which if the client gets confused, they may press to take the client back to programme 1 at the pre-set volume.

Discreet Use:

It is extremely simple but efficient at what it does and hugely useful for clients with hand and arm/shoulder issues who cannot raise their hand to their head. This product is discreet as the alterations to the aid can be performed down by the client’s side side, rather than drawing attention to the client’s head.

The remote gives a visual confirmation when being turned on with a highlighted red light, and a beep in the hearing aids as-well.


The PiloeOne II Remote Control is suitable for Phonak hearing aids such as Venture & Belong, not suitable for the Phonak Marvel. The remote control suitable for the Phoanak Marvel aid is the Marvel Remote Control. CLICK HERE to see more.

Technical Information:

The Phonak Pilot One II is operated by a standard alkaline battery (1x AAA/LR03/AM4 1.5V).  There is an eyelet on the side of the remote control for a keyring lanyard

With the CE symbol, Phonak AG confirms that this Phonak product meets the requirements of the Medical Devices Directive 93/42/ EEC as well as the R&TTE Directive 1999/5/EC This symbol indicates that the products described in these user instructions adhere to the requirements for an applied part of Type B of EN 60601-1. The surface of the device is specified This symbol indicates that it is important for the user to read and take into account the relevant information in this user guide.


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