DeafMetal® Lilac Flower – Cochlear Implant Jewellery


A striking lilac flower attached to a pink leather coil hat. There is a piece of Velcro integrated inside the hat to attach to either a Cochlear 5 and 6, or Cochlear 7 implant.

Brand: DeafMetal

This product includes: x1 Lilac Flower Coil Hat, x3 extra Velcro counterparts

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A striking lilac flower attached to a pink leather coil hat. The shape of the Velcro which is attached onto the coil depends on the surface of the coil:

  • The rectangular Velcro is recommended for Cochlear Nucleus 5 and 6
  • The round Velcro is recommended for Nucleus 7

How to use:

You will find the Velcro pad on the back of the coil pad. Simply attach the cochlear implant using the Velcro provided.

The Velcro counterparts make your implant jewellery interchangeable to suit your mood and occasion.


The DeafMetal Lilac Flower can be attached to either a cochlear 5 and 6, or cochlear 7 implant.


  • Lilac Flower coil hat
  • 3 Velcro counterparts

Please note that All DeafMetal jewellery is sold as a single piece and not in pairs. This is because there are many people who only use one hearing aid.

Remember that you will save 10% by adding another DeafMetal item to your basket!

Product specification:

Rectangular: 10 mm x 19 mm

Round: 19 mm

Additional information

Cochlear Type

Cochlear Nucleus 5 and 6, Cochlear Nucleus 7


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