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Bellman Baby Monitor


Baby Monitor Transmitter for parents with hearing loss is a transmitter to detect the sound of your baby crying and alert you using the Bellman Visit paging system. Don’t spend a moment doubting you’re fully attending to your baby’s needs.

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The baby cry transmitter is fully portable and wireless, it has three different sensitivity settings – choose how long the sound is detected for before the alert.

Key Features:

  • Transmitter for use with the Bellman Visit system
  • Sensitivity controls to choose how loud your baby must be to alert you
  • Timer controls to choose how long the baby must be making noise before the alert
  • You can set individual alerts for up to four different baby cry transmitters
  • External trigger works with Bellman Visit accessories like the floor contact mat, to detect when your child gets out of bed
  • Up to 250m range
  • Wall mountable
  • 2 X 9v AA battery included

Key Benefits:

  • Transmitter for use with the Bellman Visit system, you can choose how you want to be alerted
  • Sensitivity controls to choose how loud your baby must be to alert you and minimize false triggering
  • Adjustable delay timer to set how long sound has to be detected before you’re alerted, helps to prevent false alarms
  • Bellman system allows for up to four baby monitors for different locations, each with a unique alert
  • Contact Mat (B9024) and Magnetic Switch (B9023) accessories can detect if your child has gotten out of bed or left the room
  • Wireless and portable, with up to one year’s battery life from the 2 x AA batteries included
  • Up to 250m range
  • Wall mountable


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