Hearing Aid Amplified Telephones

Communicating on a telephone can sometimes be quite difficult if you suffer from hearing loss or have a hearing aid. It can also be difficult to hear the telephone when it rings.

However, there are telephones available that are specially designed for the hearing impaired. We have a range of amplified phones, for all levels of hearing loss, specifically designed to make keeping in touch a pleasure again.

What is an Amplified Phone?

Unlike traditional telephones, the amplified telephone is specifically designed for those suffering from a degree of hearing loss.This can range from mild and even profound hearing loss.

Some of the main features include:

On an amplified phone you can drastically increase the standard volume, which enables you to hear speech more clearly. The ringtone volume can also be increased to suit your needs.

For individuals who suffer from a greater degree of hearing loss, amplified telephones offer the option of linking your hearing aid wirelessly. This drastically improves the overall experience in both sound quality and mobility.

The tone on a phone may not seem important, but a higher or lower tone makes it easier to hear for people suffering from hearing loss.

Not only are the buttons on this phone larger than normal, they also light up when pressed, making it much easier for an individual to use in any circumstances.

By having an answering machine for a hard of hearing individual, there is no need to worry about missing a call ever again, improving quality of life.

What are the benefits of having an amplified phone?

  • Audiologists worldwide all agree that a hearing assistive phone greatly improves quality of life for the hearing impaired.
  • It helps reduce stress and allows people to more easily continue their daily life without hindrance.
  • Amplified Telephones are by default designed to be as simple to use as possible, while still providing all the functionality that makes them such a great investment.
  • Hearing aids are designed to make an individuals life much easier. Thanks to compatibility with hearing assistive devices, there is no need to suffer from sharp feedback.

What Types of Amplified Phones are available?

Hearing Aid Accessories offers a variety of specialist phones. Designed to suit every level of hearing loss you or your loved one may be afflicted with. This includes profound hearing loss, which can be helped with many of the amplified phones we supply from all major brands including: Doro, Phonak and Widex:

For those who love the classic wired phone design, but still want the additional features you’d expect from an amplified phone hearing device. These offer the amplification and clearer speech expected without a hefty price tag.

For those wishing for a more portable phone for the home. The “Amplified Cordless Phones” range at Hearing Aid Accessories is your dream hearing assistive device, providing all the features you expect from an amplified phone with the portability & cost you have always dreamed of.

When a normal mobile phone doesn’t provide you with the hearing loss features you need, the amplified mobile phone range at Hearing Aid Accessories steps in to improve your daily life.

Offering the great features of the amplified telephone with the flexibility of a mobile phone.

History of the Amplified Telephone:

The amplified telephone shares much of its history as you would expect with the commonplace telephone. However it began to diverge in 1895 at Harvard University thanks to a professor called Wallace Sabine.

Wallace Sabine began studying acoustics and one of his experiments was studying poor acoustics in lecture halls. This was at the request of Harvard Universities president, who was receiving numerous complaints about conditions in two lecture halls. His aim was deducing a solution to this situation which he would later be solved through architecture changes.

He would go on to be known as the “father of architectural acoustics” and outlined the three components necessary for good hearing to be achieved:

  1. The sound/speech/voice must be sufficiently loud to be clearly understood over the relevant distance.
  2. The sound must maintain its integrity over the desired distance.
  3. Each differing sound in the vicinity must be easily distinguishable from each other.

Alexander Graham Bell took this concept to the next level. While working as a teacher for the deaf. He noticed that they suffered with the telephone, more than most due to their hearing loss. He created a way for the human voice to be converted into vibrations. Making them easy to interpret, his work would continue to be enhanced over the next 100 years.

The modern-day amplified telephone has revolutionised the hearing impaired world. This is thanks to world famous brands such as Doro, Phonak and Widex.

They have taken the concept originally conceived by Alexander Graham Bell. Then improved upon it to what we have available to us today.

Common Questions about Amplified Phones

Are my hearing aids compatible?

All modern digital hearing aids allow integration to our phone range.

All phones come with an induction loop that connects your hearing aid to your telephone, this allows the transfer of sound smoothly to the hearing aids. A telecoil setting must also be enabled for this to occur.

Can hearing aids interfere with mobile phones?

Usually people who wear hearing aids and use standard mobile phones or telephones experience a buzzing noise, this can cause distress. However, with specialist phones such as those offered in our range, this will not occur if you use the induction loop for your phone.