The Success of the Hearing Aid Accessories App Launch

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It has officially been a month since our Hearing Aid Accessories app went live on all app stores, and we have had hundreds of downloads from both iPhone and Android users! We have had some fantastic reviews and compliments from users, and we can’t thank you all enough! But given that 11 million people are affected by hearing loss in the UK alone, there are plenty more people to be reached…

So, for those who are yet to download it, here are all the many reasons why apps are more convenient, and easier to use than websites when it comes to purchasing your hearing aid accessories:

A Personalised Experience

The main advantage that apps have over mobile websites is that they offer a personalised experience attuned to the individual customer.

With wishlists, tailored communication for users based on their interests, purchase history and product recommendations based upon searches, the Hearing Aid Accessories app is a quality-of-life enhancement for people who wear hearing aids or require hearing protection. In future, there are plans underway to make the process even easier: the plethora of options available for hearing aid users can be extremely daunting, and as such, Hearing Aid Accessories are working on a function that recommends compatible items based upon your hearing aid model itself. While only in its infancy, this function promises to be a lifesaver for many people, especially those who do not have frequent access to their audiologist or hearing health professional.

App Notifications

Over the past few decades, email has been the most popular communication tool for businesses. Companies have used it extensively to reach out to potential customers – to the point where some have even abused it – and it has lost some of its efficacy as a result. Although open rates have remained remarkably consistent for many years, with a slight dip in 2020 according to SuperOffice, other methods of marketing are becoming more and more effective.

App notifications are fast becoming an appealing alternative since they’re less intrusive – almost by definition – since by downloading the app in the first place you are signalling your interest. With the Hearing Aid Accessories app, it stands to be a great way to ensure that customers don’t miss out on any potential bargains or special offers.

Offline Access

Websites are often restricted by poor Wi-Fi, a slow connection, or no internet whatsoever. Although apps certainly require internet connectivity to perform most tasks, thankfully, much of their functionality remains intact in restricted environments, making them ideal for purchasing on-the-go or in areas without adequate access.

Optimised for Mobile Phones

Not all websites are optimised for mobile phone use, making ordering slower, pages load poorly and the layout vary wildly from their desktop counterparts. It can, as a result, make the entire experience something of a drag. Mobile apps, on the other hand, suffer no such penalty, designed specifically for use on-the-go. All in all, this makes for a far superior experience – especially when it comes to purchasing items.


Of course, one of the key draws of a mobile app is the fact that you can use it anywhere, anytime! Long gone are the days when you’d have to borrow a friend or relative’s computer to order something. With the app experience, you can get what you need, when you need it.

With each of these features as well as the incredible upward trajectory that mobile apps appear to be enjoying, not to mention the unique status the app has as the first in the world to be aimed at deaf and hard of hearing customers, are why the Hearing Aid Accessories app is proving to be a huge success.

For 10% off your first app order, enter “haa10app” at the checkout.

Happy shopping!

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