The Best Phonak Hearing Aid Accessories to Buy This Christmas Season

Hand holding a smartphone, Phonak hearing aids inside charger in background.

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Are you tackling your last-minute Christmas shopping list? If you or your loved ones use Phonak hearing aids, we’ve got some fantastic accessory suggestions that will make perfect gifts this holiday season. These cutting-edge accessories offer convenience, enhanced listening experiences, and even help maintain your hearing aids, ensuring they continue to work flawlessly.

Phonak TV Connector

The Phonak TV Connector is a game-changing, compact device for users of Lumity, Life, Marvel, and Paradise hearing aids. It directly streams audio from your TV, PC, or HiFi system into your hearing aids, offering a clear, high-quality sound. This is especially beneficial for those who struggle with TV volume, as it allows for a personalized listening level without affecting others in the room.

With its discreet design and an impressive 15-meter range, the TV Connector ensures a flexible and uninterrupted audio experience. Its user-friendly setup means you can easily integrate it into your home entertainment system without hassle. Whether you’re watching your favourite shows, movies, or streaming a concert, this device ensures your hearing aids deliver the best possible sound directly to you.

Phonak Charge and Care Case

The Phonak Charge and Care Case is a unique, dual-purpose solution for Phonak Audéo hearing aids. It combines charging with advanced care, using UV light to sanitise and electronic drying to protect your devices from moisture damage. This ensures your hearing aids are not only charged but also clean and well-maintained.

Lightweight and user-friendly, the case is ideal for those on the go, fitting easily into daily life. It simplifies the care of your hearing aids, making sure they’re ready to use whenever you need them, without the hassle of multiple maintenance tools. This compact case offers peace of mind, knowing your hearing aids are in top condition.

Phonak Roger Select iN

The Phonak Roger Select iN is an essential device for those seeking clarity in conversations, especially in noisy environments like restaurants or busy offices. It features advanced multi-microphone technology for 360° speech pickup, ensuring you catch every word around you. Additionally, its Bluetooth connectivity allows for easy integration with smartphones and other devices, enhancing your listening experience during calls or audio streaming.

Compact and user-friendly, the Roger Select iN is designed for versatility. Whether in personal conversations, professional meetings, or enjoying multimedia, it ensures you stay at the centre of every interaction. By reducing background noise and focusing on speech, it offers a natural, effortless listening experience, essential for effective communication in today’s fast-paced world.

Phonak Serenity Ear Protection Range

The Phonak Serenity Ear Protection range is your go-to solution for hearing protection in various environments. These ear protectors are designed for multiple settings, from concerts and hunting to motorsports and noisy workspaces. Each model in the range is tailored to provide optimal noise reduction while maintaining sound clarity, essential for different activities.

Reusable and built for comfort, the Serenity range offers both long-term durability and ease of use. Their versatility makes them an invaluable tool for anyone looking to safeguard their hearing in any noisy situation, combining effectiveness with practicality and value.

Phonak Roger Pen iN – For Marvel & Paradise Hearing Aids

The Phonak Roger Pen iN is an adaptable and user-friendly device, perfect for enhancing hearing in various situations. It aids in group and one-on-one conversations and is excellent for TV streaming and connecting to other devices. Its simplicity is key; with an automatic sound level adjustment and built-in microphone, it offers ease of use and clear sound quality.

Equipped with Bluetooth and advanced MultiBeam Technology, the Roger Pen iN excels in noisy environments, ensuring superior speech understanding. Its compact design and versatile functionality make it an essential tool for those seeking improved communication in everyday life.

Phonak Roger Pen IN

Final Notes

As the festive season approaches and you rush to tick off items on your Christmas shopping list, don’t forget the convenience of our next-day delivery service. For any orders placed before 1 pm, we ensure that your purchases are swiftly delivered, providing a stress-free shopping experience. This is especially handy for those last-minute gifts!

Ensure your loved ones enjoy the gift of crystal-clear sound this Christmas with Phonak’s top-of-the-line accessories. Whether it’s enhancing their television experience, ensuring their hearing aids are always charged and clean, or improving their participation in conversations, these accessories are thoughtful, practical gifts that will be appreciated long after the holiday season.

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