Product Highlight: The Audinell Range

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At Hearing Aid Accessories, we understand the significance of maintaining your hearing instruments at their best performance. That’s why we’re excited to introduce the Audinell Cleaning Range – a comprehensive collection of products designed to ensure your hearing aids remain impeccably clean, comfortable, and reliable. Let’s dive into the details of this remarkable range that’s here to transform your hearing aid care routine.

Audinell – Cleaning Set

Introducing the Audinell Cleaning Set – your ultimate solution for maintaining your hearing instruments to the highest standards. This thoughtfully curated kit equips you with essential items to ensure your hearing aids are impeccably clean and well-maintained. The set includes:

Each item in this kit is meticulously designed to cater to every aspect of your hearing aid care routine. Whether you’re at home or on the go, the Audinell Cleaning Set offers a complete solution that prioritises the hygiene and performance of your devices.

You can purchase the Audinell Cleaning Set here.

Individual products from the set are also available for purchase.

Audinell – Cleaning Cup

The Audinell Cleaning Cup is your ideal solution for effortless hearing instrument hygiene. As a straightforward method to uphold the cleanliness of your hearing aids, this cup, when used with cleaning tablets, guarantees optimal maintenance. With just a cleaning tablet and warm water, you can effectively clean your ear mould and tube by placing them in the cup for 30 minutes. Prioritise your hearing aid’s performance and longevity with this user-friendly solution.

You can purchase the Audinell Cleaning Cup here.

Audinell - Drying Kit

The Audinell Drying Kit is your complete solution for combatting the detrimental effects of daily perspiration, moisture, and wax on your hearing instruments. This starter kit includes a specialised drying cup and a four-month supply of drying tablets. With this comprehensive set, you can ensure the essential maintenance of your hearing aids, preventing moisture-related damage and prolonging their performance.

You can purchase the Audinell Drying Kit here.

Individual products from the kit are also available for purchase.

Audinell – Natural Lubricant

Biogliss, a remarkable 100% natural almond oil lubricant, offers a dual advantage for hearing aid users. Crafted from sweet almond oil, Biogliss not only enhances comfort during insertion but also safeguards your ears from potential dryness and irritations that can arise from extended hearing aid use.

You can purchase the Audinell Natural Lubricant here.

Audinell – Skincare Gel

The Audinell Skincare Gel is your essential solution for enhancing comfort and preventing potential irritations associated with hearing aid use. Crafted as a 100% natural, dermo-protective gel, it offers a dual advantage. Not only does it help prevent ear dryness and possible irritation arising from extended hearing aid wear, but it also simplifies the insertion of hearing instruments, particularly beneficial for first-time users or individuals with finger mobility challenges.

You can purchase the Audinell Skincare Gel here.

Audinell – Air Blower

Introducing the Audinell Air Blower – your essential tool for maintaining the functionality of hearing aid tubes. Designed with precision, this blower offers an effective solution to clear both liquid and earwax from your hearing aid tubes. With its straightforward design, you can effortlessly incorporate this tool into your hearing aid care routine, ensuring reliable performance.

You can purchase the Audinell Air Blower here.

Audinell – Odinell Ear Spray

The Odinell Ear Spray is an efficient tool to help you maintain clean and healthy ears. This isotonic solution, enriched with surfactants, is meticulously designed to facilitate the removal of wax and dirt from the ears. Regular use of this spray serves as an effective measure for individuals prone to wax buildup, sweating, or exposure to dusty environments. Moreover, it offers relief from potential ear canal irritation often associated with hearing aid use.

You can purchase Audinell’s Odinell Ear Spray here.

Explore the Full Cleaning Range

Elevate your hearing aid care routine with the Audinell Cleaning Range. Each product is carefully crafted to cater to your specific needs, ensuring the longevity and performance of your valuable hearing instruments. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the difference for yourself.

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