Phonak Serenity Choice Earplugs

phonak serenity earplugs

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Do you want to keep your hearing safe whilst doing activities you love?

phonak serenity earplugs

As lockdown restrictions ease and we’re slowly getting back to normality, we want to ensure that you stay safe whilst doing the activities you love. We’re now introducing Phonak’s Serenity Choice ear plugs designed to keep your hearing protected during multiple activities, suiting your individual needs.


Are you working in noisy environments where you could be at risk of hearing damage?

Some of these noisy environments could include machine shops, farms, road building or construction. If so, then these earplugs would be perfect for you as they work as PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) and can be used in any situation where health and safety require the use of hearing protection; this is whenever noise levels exceed the safety limit of 85db.

Even if you’re required to wear other protection at your workplace like earmuffs, these earplugs can still be used to provide double protection when needed.

As well as that, they’re useful for work you do for yourself, such as gardening and cleaning. 


Struggling to sleep? 

Any individuals struggling with noise disturbance during the night should take a look at this product as it’s just what you need to help you sleep more soundly.

Did you know that a moderate snorer can reach up to 60 dB, and a more sever snorer can even hit up to 90 dB! For a bit of prospective an average car horn is also around 90 dB. 

The acoustic filters are fitted with advanced mesh technology to ensure that the ear always remains well ventilated and will prevent a build-up of excess moisture during the night. This allows a comfortable sleep as it stops that uncomfortable, hot irritation feeling in your ear.


Protect yourself whilst doing what you love with these ear plugs that are developed especially for those with a passion for music.

Music levels at concerts usually exceed the safety limit recommended which is 85db, anything above this level can lead to a variety of problems from tinnitus, hyperacusis or long-term hearing loss.

Now that music festivals are starting to open up again, this is just what you need to ensure you’re preventing yourself from getting hearing damage whilst doing what you love. They’re perfect for: music events, clubs, bars, festivals or any other noisy environment.

hunting & shooting

If you enjoy activities such as hunting or shooting, then these earplugs will help protect your hearing whilst doing them.

They protect ears from high sound pressure caused by gun shots, artillery fire and explosions by helping to reduce noise to an acceptable level. This makes you less likely to suffer from any long-term hearing damage.

They were originally developed for military use but now can be used for other recreational activities that have become increasingly popular over the past years like; hunting, shooting and clay pigeon shooting.

When no loud noises are present, the wearer can still hear low-level noise, such as conversation. The filters allow sound directionality and spatiality, meaning users can hear all around them which is critical for hunters.

Motorbike jump

Did you know that typically you would have between 15 minutes and 2 hours of riding time before risking longer term hearing damage?

The motorsport earplugs help reduce noise from wind to safer levels, allowing you to concentrate on the road ahead and stay safe from damage to your hearing.

Usually, you could be at risk of tinnitus or any other noise induced hearing loss since noise levels in motorcycle helmets when going at 100kmh (approx. 62mph) can create usually between 95-105Db, which is significantly higher than the accepted safe noise exposure level of 85Db.

They’re developed to fit perfectly into the ear without catching the helmet liner, so you won’t have to worry about comfort. They’re able to reduce noise to safe acceptable levels while still allowing speech to be heard through intercom speakers.

As well as that they can also help to reduce wind and air turbulence noise, engine noise, prevents hearing damage at motor sport events such as:  NASCAR, F1, rallying, motorcycling, jet and F1 boats.


Specially developed to help reduce all types of background noise to an acceptable level, these earplugs help to improve concentration and reduce any unnecessary stress that may be caused day to day excess noise.

These are perfect for any individuals suffering from any unwanted background noises in all types of busy environments such as offices, airports or even transport as they help drown out unwanted background noise, leaving no more distractions and letting you get on in peace.

Like to travel? These earplugs are perfect for that as they’re small and compact and even come with a travel case keyring. 

Features and Benefits

  • Reusable ear tips
  • Multiple size ear tips
  • Ear ventilation technology
  • Patented filter technology that allows natural hearing, situational awareness, and communication
  • Each earplug reduces sound to an appropriate level by a specific dB- find out more by looking at product descriptions
  • Hypoallergenic ear tips made from medical grade TPE.
  • Easy insertion and removing with tongue feature.
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight and compact perfect for travel
  • Travel Case key ring included
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