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Stop the stigma! Embrace your beauty!

From connecting with the hard of hearing community, we found that hearing aids were sometimes stigmatized as something for older people as it was often associated with old age. Many people even admitted to trying to hide their hearing aids as they were not happy with the appearance of them, and referred to them as chunky machines that lack personality.

This is where DeafMetal helps as it allows wearers to feel empowered whilst wearing their hearing aids and brings them a newfound confidence.

This jewellery brand offers a wide range of gorgeous hearing aid accessories that helps wearers be a more confident version of themselves and have pride for their hearing aids. It lets them show off their personalities and style through their hearing aids.

Feel empowered whilst wearing your hearing aids!

DeafMetal is an amazing hearing aid accessory brand that produces a range of jewellery for hearing aid & cochlear implant wearers. Their message is all about embracing your hearing loss and being able to wear your hearing aids with pride. Their products are truly helping people who are more insecure about wearing hearing devices. They make you and your hearing aid look beautiful and stylish, with a range of jewellery that you can simply attach to your hearing aid through a holster.

Meet the designer

This innovative hearing aid accessories line was designed by the incredibly talented Jenni Ahtiainen. Jenni has been designing for over 14 years for her own brand called ‘gTIE’ and has created accessories for names like Snoop Dog and Marilyn Manson.

Jenni decided to take a big step and start her own hearing aid accessories brand called DeafMetal in 2018 after hearing loss became a personal issue for her. When her hearing loss got worse, she had to get a hearing aid and like many other hearing aid wearers she was upset about having to wear what she saw as “ugly looking machines”. She found that you could never find beautiful pictures of hard of hearing people in any lifestyle, fashion or beauty magazine and began thinking that these industries did not find hard of hearing people with hearing devices beautiful enough to publish.

As a designer, her creativity started to shine through as she made herself an accessory to help give her hearing aid more of her own unique touch. When she posted a picture of it online it turned out to be a big hit with the hard of hearing community and even got noticed by a manufacturer. Within two months, deaf metal was born.

DeafMetal Designer Jenni

Something for everyone

Unlike most accessory companies, DeafMetal creates jewellery that’s suitable for a wide group of people, no matter their style or age. They do pieces for children, men and women and as well as that, designs are all unique and don’t fall under one style. There’s so much to choose from as DeafMetal helps you to showcase your style through your hearing aid.

We have a mixture of earrings that attach to your hearing aid as well as jewellery pieces that require no piercings as they just simply clip on. These pieces are made from Sterling Silver and are high quality materials such as Leather.

The Holsters

To wear DeafMetal accessories, you only need the simple holster, available in multiple colours to suit your hearing device.


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