International Day of Light

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Today, May 16th, is designated by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as the International Day of Light. This day is set aside to praise and acclaim the miracles of science, culture, art, education and sustainable development in fields as diverse as medicine, communications and energy.

At Hearing Aid Accessories, we owe much of our success to the ongoing revelations provided by science and technology. The work of researchers, developers and manufacturers have hugely impacted the way many of our customers live their lives, and we’re forever grateful for our role in providing people with all the latest in cutting-edge tech available.

So, in order to mark the occasion, we’ve made a list of the best and most useful gadgets available now in 2022.

The Best of Tech

Unlike other chargers, Signia’s clean, crisp, futuristic offering boasts a dehumidifying and cooling option to extract moisture from your hearing aids and can keep on charging for a full 23-hour period after being fully powered up. Potent.

Inductive Chargers Opened and Closed
Wrist Reciever and charger from bellman on white background

Part of Bellman & Symfon’s celebrated Visit home system, this stylish, nifty piece of kit is specially designed so that you can be notified by a vibration to the wrist whenever one of the transmitters around your home is triggered. What’s more, it’s smooth design looks almost exactly like a modern watch, making it a discreet option as well as a great way to keep your home safe. It comes complete with a handy charger to allow for up to 30 hours of continuous wear in one setting.

Getting to sleep can be a real pain, especially if you’re dealing with tinnitus. Thankfully, the SleepPhones by AcousticSheep were designed by a doctor specifically to combat this issue: with them, you can listen to relaxing ambient sounds, chilled music or your favourite audiobook all without the nuisance of having headphones or earbuds lodged in your ears. Instead, you can simply kick back and snuggle into the headband.

SleepPhones Wired Headband Headphones - Black
Starkey Remote Control on white background

When using hearing aids, it can be tricky to alter the settings as you’re moving around. With Starkey’s remote control, such concerns are a thing of the past. It has a remarkably simple interface, big, tactile buttons and even a ‘favourite’ mode that you can return to in a single press. Perfect for in social situations – and small enough to take anywhere.

With its robust, sturdy design, ultra-quick charging (a mere 30 minutes is enough to power your hearing aids for up to 7 hours) and incredible ease of us, the Li-ion certainly lives up to its name.

Connexx Smart Li-ion Power Charger
Phonak roger reciever on white background

If don’t want to miss out on any of Phonak’s absolutely incredible Roger series, then this little beauty is here to save the day. A tiny connecting device, the Roger X Receiver clips into the bottom of your compatible hearing aid and allows you to connect with all of Roger’s amazing options.  

With this useful tool, you can bridge the gap between your conventional analogue landline telephone and your Oticon hearing aids. Connect to the Oticon Streamer Pro or Oticon ConnectClip to begin streaming your phonecalls in premium quality direct to your hearing aids.

Oticon connect line phone adaptor front view
GN Resound Premium Charger front view on white background

Arguably the best charger on the market, the ReSound ONE Premium Charger is powered up remarkably quickly – only 3.5 hours – and can even store up to 3 hearing aid charges at once before needing to be plugged back in again. In addition, its lightweight, compact design, clear 3-bar gauge display and eye-catching looks mean that it’s a guaranteed hit for wherever you go.

Used in conjunction with the Widex Moment app, the Widex TV Play is a powerful instrument in the right hands. With the ability to stream from distance as well as to control the TV output and hearing aid level independently, you can be sure to relax and let the award-winning TV Play do the work.

widex tv play for hearing aids

The pièce de résistance of Phonak’s distinguished Roger range, the On iN boasts 5 separate modes for a truly all-in-one experience.

It can be used to amplify a single speaker such as a lecturer, as a multi-directional table mic, a microphone ‘pointer’ in one directing and, finally, it can even stream from your TV when put inside its docking station.

A simply incredible gizmo, there can be no doubt that it takes our top spot.

And there we have it, our best 10 on the market. With technology improving each and every day, we can’t wait to see what we’ll have in store for next year.

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