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GN ReSound, part of the wider GN group which spans across a vast global network, is one of the premier hearing aid manufacturers available on the market today.   

ReSound is the centrepiece brand of GN Hearing, the fourth-largest manufacturer of high-quality hearing aids in the world and an industry powerhouse.

The company has a remarkable track record: it was the first to deliver Made-for-iPhone hearing aids designed to maximise the latest in smartphone technology.

ReSound was also at the forefront of 2.4GHz wireless tech prior to its iPhone innovation, and its line of accessories was the first to dispense with the awkward and ungainly neck loops that used to be a staple of hearing aid wearers.

Their fantastic range of products is now available on sale across Hearing Aid Accessories for some absolutely bargain prices.


Here are our pick of the bunch!


GN ReSound TV Streamer 2

This phenomenal piece of kit allows for pristine, seamless audio streaming from your Television straight to your hearing aids.

With a fantastic range of 23 feet (7 metres), you can move around and enjoy cinematic-quality sound while watching your favourite movies and shows.

You can get yours here for a nice and tidy 20% off!

GN ReSound tv streamer

GN ReSound ONE Premium Charger Case

GN Resound Premium Charger front view on white background

Among the latest additions to the fabulous ReSound ONE range is this next-generation charging station which comes complete with ultra-fast charging (3 hours for a full charge!), a 5-year battery life, charge indicator lights, magnetic lid and sleek, compact design so you can always charge on the go.

Now 20% off in our store.

GN ReSound Phone Clip+

This easy-to-use, discreet clip enables you to stream calls from practically any Bluetooth-enabled phone or device straight to your hearing aids.

With an intuitive design, excellent connectivity across a whole host of hearing aid devices (not limited to ReSound products) and fast charging, this is one gadget you won’t want to miss, so, why not take a look here.

GN ReSound phone clip front

GN ReSound Multi-Mic

GN Resound multi mic

Excellent for hearing private conversations in background noise, the Multi Mic can connect to any multimedia device with a headphone output and is usable across the full range of ReSound devices.

Simply place flat on a surface and the Multi Mic will automatically optimize for multiple speakers – perfect for socializing in a café or bar.

Check them out here.

GN ReSound Remote Control 2

Simple, clean and clear with tactile controls, the ReSound Remote is the perfect pocket-sized companion to your hearing aids. Ideal for those cosy nights sat watching a bit of TV, or for when you need that little bit of extra volume to get you through your favourite series. A must-have.


All for 20% off here.

GN ReSound remote control front view

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