Hearing Aid Accessories App Coming Soon!

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Our Hearing Aid Accessories app will be live on all app stores come Deaf Awareness Week!

Deaf Awareness Week will be celebrated from the 2nd till 8th May this year and is a time to promote the positive aspects of living with deafness, alongside encouraging social inclusion, and raising awareness for charities and organisations that support those who are deaf.

This app is our way of celebrating Deaf Awareness Week, as we are the FIRST retailer of hearing aid accessories worldwide to provide an app for deaf and hard of hearing communities! Get ready to embrace all that this app will offer:   


All your favourite hearing aids will be at your fingertips!

Imagine you are collecting your prescription, and suddenly remember that you need more domes. Say goodbye to making orders over the phone or having to wait till you get home to access your computer to make an online order – simply go onto the Hearing Aid Accessories app and make your order right away!

Or say you have gone to visit a friend for the week, and you go to unpack your bag and realise you have left your wax traps at home. It is plain and simple – access the app and order another pack straight to your friend’s house.

10% OFF

As a thank you for pre-registering and downloading our app, we will reward you with 10% off your first purchase. Simply enter the 10% off code at the checkout and save on your first app order with us.


Need to place a big order? Your standard UK delivery costs will be on us when you spend over £35!


Our delivery service has no limits; we accept orders inside the UK and outside too!

Gone on holiday overseas? Forgotten spare hearing aid tubing? It happens! Place an order on the app but be sure to enter your international address for delivery instead of your home address. If you permanently live outside the UK, simply enter your international delivery address and we will jet your hearing aid accessories across the continent.


Wishlists have transformed the ways we spend. They give us more flexibility over when we choose to spend, what we want to spend on, and whether we want to spend at all.

They are ideal for when we are waiting until pay day, when we are sat on the fence, or cannot remember that second item we know we need. Fill up your Hearing Aid Accessories wish list until the time is right for you.


As soon as you have created your username and password for our app, you will be given the option to log in using face or touch ID. By using face/ touch ID, you will not have to manually enter your log in details each time you wish to access the app. Face and touch ID also provide increased security when it comes to saving passwords and storing card details. Did you know that by using face ID, your phone has a 1 in a million chance of being broken into?


The first time you log in, you will be given the choice to opt into our app notifications. This will include the option to track your order as soon as it has been placed and right up until it reaches your doorstep.

Never lose sight of your hearing accessories!


This is a question that many of us will already know the answer to, but for the ones who don’t, it could not be simpler. Enter the app store on your mobile phone, and type “Hearing Aid Accessories” into the search button. The app will appear straight away (as the first on the market), and you will need to click download. As soon as the app has downloaded, it is yours to make your own.

The Hearing Aid Accessories app will be live on all app stores come Deaf Awareness Week so don’t forget to pre-register for early access and 10% off. Visit https://www.hearingaidaccessories.co.uk/appreg/ now!


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